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Tokyo/Yokohama Subscriptions

Save up to 40% compared to buying 10 single tickets!

・Annual subscribers for seat type S can listen at¥4,800 per concert! 
・Annual subscribers for seat type Ys (25 years old and  younger) can listen at¥1,300 per concert! ​

Annual Subscriptions (10 concerts 23-24 Season Tokyo Subscription)

C¥30,000P¥19,200(8 concert) Ys¥13,000

Half Year Subscriptions

C¥16,000P¥7,800(Autumn/3 concert )

6 Benefits for Subscribers

1. Exclusive seat just for you

You will have your exclusive seat at the concert hall.

2. Exclusive Reservation

We will reserve your seat for the sebsequent season.

3. Ticket Exchange System

You can exchange tickets between Tokyo and Yokohama subscription concerts.

※If your schedule changes, you can exchange your ticket to Tokyo or Yokohama subscription concerts of the same month.

How to exchange tickets

STEP1 Please decide the concert date and make a reservation in advance at Japan Phile Service Center.

STEP2 Please send your ticket to Japan Phil Service Center. We will make the most of it.

STEP3 Once your exchange ticket is ready, we will mail it to you.

*Please exchange before the desired concert date.
*Please leave your seat to us.
*Please note that once the exchange is made, we canot accept other changes.
*Exchange tickets may be mailed right before the concert date.

4. Pre-Sales

You can reserve our hosted concerts one week before the general sales date.

5. 10% Discount

You can get 10% off for your purchase of our concert tickets.

6. Hotel Discounts

You can spend luxurious time at hotels near the concert hall before and after the concert.

Tokyo Subscribers/ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo

You can get 10% off at the following restanrants:

2F: Cascade Cafe/Atrium Lounge/Pierre Gagnaire Pain et Gateaux
3F: Unkai (Japanese Restaurant)/Karin (Chinese Restaurant)/Da Vinci (Bar)/The Champagne Bar/The Steakhouse
37F: Akasaka (Teppanyaki)

Yokohama Subscribers/Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu(in front of Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall)

Hotel Stay:Special price for Japan Philharmonic Orchestra Yokohama Subscribers

Weekdays: 50% off from the regular price
Day before holidays: 30% off from the regular price (valid until March 31) ※Some exclusion applies

Restaurants You can get 10% off at the following restaurants:

Cafe Tosca/Queen Alice/Somerhouse (Lounge)/Jacks (Bar) ※Some days are excluded

※Please show your "Tokyo Subscription tickets" at ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo and "Yokohama Subscription tickets" at Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu at the cashier.
※This discount is also valid on days other the actual concert date.
※Please note that shops other than above and banquet are excluded.

About Tickets

・Ys seat is available for people under 25 years old. You can choose from seat types other than S.
・Gs seat is availabe for people over 65 years old. You can choose from seat types other than S.
・Ks seat is available for people under 25 years old. You can choose from all seat types.

※Only limited number of seats are available for Ys, Gs, Ks. Please contact us at Japan Phil Service Center for more information. 

Discounts with Tickets Stub at the Concert Hall
When you purchase advance tickets at the concert venue of our concert, you can get 200yen off by showing your ticket stub.