Patronage [Individual member]

It is a system that we receive donations as membership fees from those who support performances and social contributing activities of Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. The preferential treatment on the Income Tax Law applies to the donations. In addition to the listing of your name on programs and priority reservation of performances hosted by Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, CDs, concert information, party events, journals and our original calendar which has concert schedule of Japan Philharmonic Orchestra are sent so the members can see the results of the activities of the orchestra.

Membership Information

Member period

One year from the date of paying the membership fee
(Up to the last day of the month, one year after the month when you pay the fee)
When the expiration date approaches, we will ask you for renewal.

Member classes (unit amount/year)

Poplar 30,000yen

You can listen to two concerts hosted by JPO.

Maple 50,000yen
You can listen to four concerts hosted by JPO.

Marronnier​ 120,000 yen
One person can listen to the subscription concerts in Suntory hall every time and six concerts hosted by JPO per year.

Elm 200,000yen 
One person can listen to the subscription concers in Suntory hall every time and eight concerts hosted by JPO per year.

Linden 500,000yen
One person can listen to the subscription concert in Suntory hall every time and eight concerts hosted by JPO per year.

Oak 1,000,000
Two people can listen to any concerts which we host.
* Please note that the date of performance may not meet your expectations. We will choose the seats for you.

Download the application form for the patronage [Individual donation member].
Please complete the form above and send it by fax to 03-5378-6161.

*For inquiry about "Patronage" e-mail to: