Supported by many people, Japan Philharmonic Orchestra carries out various activities centering around concerts which are held more than 150 times per year.

To continue giving the high-quality performances and to drive the activity that plays a part of the realization of a "culturally rich community" through music, we hope that a wide range of support can improve our economic base.

Hoping to connect with the audience through our performances and to support the realization of a wealthy community, we carry out three activities, "Orchestra concerts," "Educational program" and "Regional activities," and expand culture through music.

Through everyday activity, we feel that music spreads by the power of networks and communications and deepens pleasure even more. All members of the orchestra give the warmth of people's heart with our performances as a music group that understands the most the pleasure of connecting with people through music.

Self-supporting efforts, of course, are also necessary to maintain and develop the activities of Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. We will keep making efforts on the management aspect.

On the other hand, continuity is important for the cultural program. In recent Japan, donation and support from the audience are essential to stably continue our activities. In the future, Japan Philharmonic Orchestra would like to carry out multiple activities with people in various communities.

Cultural maturity is necessary for further social development. Being a part of it, Japan Philharmonic Orchestra would like to enhance the social role even more. We kindly ask you for your warm support.

Some of our activities with your support (in Japanese)

Why don't you you participate in the activities of Japan Philharmonic Orchestra,
making life full of music and spreading the joy of music together?


Support System

For individuals and organizations

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・Tokyo Subscription Concerts
Started in the founding year, 1956, Tokyo subscription concerts is regarded as a history of Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. More than 700 concerts have been held since its start. With respectable maestros and soloists, and specialty selection of pieces, the resounding music in Suntory hall after thorough rehearsals by artists is simply the best entertainment and piece of art. In some cases, unfamiliar music may be selected. At such times, just listen to the music. A new experience may better expand the music possibility. That is one of the best parts of Tokyo subscription concerts. Every Saturday, there is also a talk before the concert "today's highlight" which wins great popularity due to the easy-to-understand explanation. We recommend the valuable subscription ticket for Tokyo subscription concerts which can be regarded as the face of the orchestra. Once a month, enjoy a supreme moment in a seat specially reserved for you at Suntory hall.

・Yokohama Subscription Concerts
Japan Philharmonic Orchestra is the first to start subscription concerts in Yokohama as a professional orchestra (since 1978, and regularized from the 29th concert in April 1979). Over 300 concerts have been held. Supported by our history and tradition, currently 80 percent of the audience is our subscribers. Yokohama subscription concerts are characterized as familiar and enjoyable concerts. At the same time, the distinctive project "Shine! Asian Star" which features young talents from Japan, Korea, China, an the south-eastern Asia also receives attention. Short introduction talk "Orchestra Guide" is held before each performance. The "season final party" where everyone can join in end-of-season, July and January, is also popular. You can go to a shopping mall and Yokohama Chinatown and see a night view from a big wheel... the location of Yokohama Minato Mirai hall can be regarded as the best. Courtesy services, limited to the Yokohama subscribers, at the Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu and neighboring restaurants are also provided. Spend an enjoyable weekend in port town Yokohama with full of pleasures before and after a concert. 

Supporter's Club

Please listen to our concerts and support Japan Philharmonic Orchestra! 
Supporter's Club is a system for those who are interested in music who can support our activities as "Supporters of Japan Philharmonic Orchestra." It is full of benefits such as complimentary tickets, priority reservation and courtesy (10% discount) for the performance tickets hosted by Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, member magazines, invitations to events and so on. In addition, if you introduce ten friends to the Supporter's Club, we will give you half year subscription tickets.

* You can directly apply with a credit card!

To Donate

Online donation

To support multiple activities of Japan Philharmonic Orchestra such as "Music for the Affected Areas," donations from you is necessary. We sincerely ask for your warm support.

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To enhance performances and social contributing activities of Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, we ask individuals to support us using the patronage system. There are various benefits depending on yearly amount as well as listing your name on the program.

Japan Philharmonic Association

"Japan Philharmonic Association" has provided psychological and material support to Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, "an orchestra that walks with the public,"since its founding in 1973, and it has carried out unique activities such as planning concerts cooperating with the members of the orchestra in regions. "Public and Music" and "G-clef" journals that connect members of the association and the orchestra are sent every two months. Other fun activities include events with orchestra members and joining in the Japan Philharmonic Association Choir.

For Corporations

Concert sponsorship (Cooperation advertisement)

Would you like to enliven various performances such as Popular Concerts, Sunday Concerts and Beethoven's Ninth Symphony Concerts with Japan Philharmonic Orchestra? We look forward to the participation of many corporations.

For details, please contact us.

Support the "Three Pillars of Activities" of Japan Philharmonic Orchestra

Special member (Corporate donation)

We ask many corporatiors which understand our performance, educational program, and community activities of Japan Philharmonic Orchestra to support us. We hope to enhance our business with the assistance of wide range of your support.
There are benefits such as invitation to subscription concert and listing your name in the program.


Tax incentive concerning donation to the Japan Philharmonic Association

The donation money to Japan Philharmonic Orchestra has the certification which is subject to the deduction for donation by the prime minister. If you chip in with a donation, you can receive tax incentive as follows:

    Certificate pertaining to tax credit (in Japanese)

    * You can use it as a document to be attached when applying. Download by yourself to print out.

Donations from individuals (Patronage, the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, and other donations)

(1) Deduction on personal income tax and income by donation
    When filing a tax return, choose either A or B and declare it by yourself.

[A]Tax reduction

◎Donations are subject to the applicable certification of tax deduction issued by the Cabinet Office on or after April 23, 2013.

If the donation money is more than 2,000 yen per year, the 40 percent of the money which exceeds the limited money is deducted from the income tax of said year.

(Donation money*1 - 2,000 yen) X 40% = Income tax deduction*2

    *1 The upper limit of the donation money which is subject to deduction is the 40 percent of the total income of said year.
    *2 The upper limit of income tax deduction is the 25 percent of said year.

[B]Income deduction

If the donation money is more than 2,000 yen per year, the amount which exceeds the limit money is deducted from the income amount of said year.

(Donation money* - 2,000 yen) = Income deduction

    * The upper limit of the donation money which is subject to deduction is the 40 percent of total income of said year.

(2) Deduction on individual inhabitant tax by donation
    A part of the donation of a resident who lives in Tokyo prefecture or Suginami ward (address on January 1 in the year following the year in which you donated) is deducted from the inhabitant tax of following year, if you report also the deduction for donation.

(Donation money*1 - 2,000 yen) X Inhabitant tax deduction rate*2 = Inhabitant tax deduction

    *1 The upper limit of the donation money which is subject to deduction is the 30 percent of the total income in the year you donated.
    *2 The given rate of the inhabitant tax deduction is 4% in prefectures and 6% in municipalities. The total rate is 10%.

Donations of corporations (Special members and others)

Based on the given formula, the donation money is included in deductible expenses of the relevant business year.
For details, visit the website of the National Tax Administration Agency or contact us.