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Japan Philharmonic Association

Wishing to bring music to many people and share the joy and pleasure of music――
the network between the public and musicians who hope so, is Japan Philharmonic Association.

Ever since the establishment in 1973, Japan Philharmonic Association has not only carried out the activity to expand the range of orchestral audience but also widened the "Circle to Make Music and Share the Joy" such as concert planning in regions and the expansion of interchange opportunities for the audience and the members of the orchestra while always moving hand-in-hand with the rchestra. The number of members is now about 3,000 across the country, and is the biggest scale as a support organization for a domestic orchestra. It is full of fun activities and benefits. Warm activities such as meeting events with members of the orchestra and choir singing are held by the Association branches across the country and it is full of fun activities and benefits.

Would you like to join this network as a coordinator in a local community and as a supporter who tells the wonderful world of music?
Japan Philharmonic Association continues to convey the message of living rewarding life together through music which enriches people's heart all over Japan.

Membership Information

Member period

From April to the end of March of next year
If the expiration date approaches, we will ask you for renewal.

Annual fee(Unit amount)

General member 5,000yen(General family member/4,000yen)
Supporting member 20,000yen(Supporting family member/19,000yen)
Elementary, junior high & senior high school member 2,000yen(Elementary, junior high & senior high school family member/1,000yen)
Pension member 2,000yen

Time period: One year from April to March of next year
* Family member means the second and later member who is a family.

Tax incentive on donations

Member's activities etc.

Let's become friends with the members of Japan Philharmonic Orchestra.

There are a number of events such as gathering parties and the Mountain Club where you can enjoy activities with the members of the orchestra.

10% discount on tickets

We give you 10% discount for tickets for the performances hosted by Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. This discount also applied to some regional concerts. In this case, we refund 10% at a venue on the day of the performance (excluding already discounted tickets and Family Concerts.)

Priority ticket reservation one week before release date

You can book the performance ticket hosted by Japan Philharmonic Orchestra by phone one week before the release date.

Live CD

We annually deliver a live CD which connects association members with Japan Philharmonic Orchestra with sound as a gift to the following members: 1. Supporting members; 2. General members who pay two unit amounts or more; 3. Family (multiple unit amounts) whose total annual fee is 9,000 yen or more; and 4. Local members who live outside of the Tokyo metropolitan area (excluding elementary, junior high & senior high school members and pension members). Members other than above mensioned can buy the CD.

Journal "Public and Music"

We deliver the unique quarterly information magazine, "Public and Music," which connects association members and Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. It is filled with information such as essays written by members of the orchestra and various topics from association members around the country as well as concert information of Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. Please also join us as an editorial staff or reporter!

Concert planning

If you want to plan a concert in the town, region or community where you live, we could make it happen. Chamber music concerts that people in the community now become established in Chiyoda, Nerima, Itabashi, Kita, and Meguro wards in Tokyo and in Yokohama and Saitama. In addition, association members all over the country are striving to make the local performances by the orchestra succeed.

Let's sing together with Japan Philharmonic Orchestra [Japan Philharmonic Association Choir]

Japan Philharmonic Association Choir has done many excellent performances with Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. Meeing domestic and foreign conductors is such an experience also. Let's enjoy music together with Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. 

Japan Philharmonic Association Choir was established in 1973 with the aims of cooperating with Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, "an orchestra that walks with the public," through the choral activity, and the promotion of the orchestra activity by the public. The members consist of Japan Philharmonic Association members with various ages and occupations, and it has performed a great number of choral music that has orchestra part with Japan Philharmonic Orchestra.