Regional and community mini concerts/Concerts at schools and facilities

――We want to deliver lively and rich music to people who are not exposed to music much
――We want to convey the charm of music that is different from the tone played in orchestra
――We want to invite people to the world of orchestral music through chamber music

Japan Philharmonic orchestra has performed not only in orchestra concerts but also as chamber music concerts for more than 200 times per year.
Chamber music concert is one of the biggest activities that the orchestra has to offer. There is a lot of variation from medium to large scale chamber music and we have also developed original programs.

――We want to share music with many people
――We want to have a real concert in our community

Chamber music concerts can be held anywhere where people gather. Music is delivered to various events such as companies sponsored concerts, regional events, concerts at schools, "Bring Music to the Affected Areas" and more. Chamber music brings warm feelings between audience and performers.

Samples of Chamber Music

String quartet (two violins, viola, cello)

It consists of the most beautiful and expressive string instruments. This pure, consistent tone made by these 4 string instruments would make anyone who listens to experience the world of beautiful music. There is a wide repertoire from classical original songs to collection of popular songs. There are also variations where we add songs or solo wind instrument.

Woodwind quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon)

Woodwind instruments are often used to play the brilliant solo in orchestral music. Each instrument makes its unique sound which creates the ensemble rich and full.

Brass quintet (two trumpets, horn, trombone, tuba)

Brilliant and bright brass instruments are always popular among children. Our wide variety of repertoire includes pieces of renaissance period to jazz and popular songs. Regardless of ages, you can enjoy the ensemble's various sounds, from beautiful, velvety tones to dynamic marches.

Percussion ensemble

There are many kinds of different percussion instruments with different performing styles. In addition to percussion instruments only seen in concert halls, when the professional players play percussion instruments that are familiar to anyone and can be found even in music classes, they can magically create music that is full of variety.

Other formation

Untypical, unique formation is also one of the fascination of chamber music. We invite all of you to the world of music you have never experienced before, created by not only typical ensembles mentioned above but also by various ensemble styles produced by composers and original ensembles made by members of Japan Philharmonic Orchestra.