Orchestra exploration group / Public rehearsal / Public rehearsal public Generalprobe

Orchestra Exploration Group of your own!

"Orchestra Exploration Group" can be carried out in Japan Philharmonic Orchestra sponsored performances (for ticket holders/minimum participants 10 to 15 people).

Currently, we accept various activities as corporate/group events or education programs.
We offer short programs of 30 minutes tour as well longer programs including post performance talks.

Please contact us for details.

Public Rehearsals and G.P.

Japan Philharmonic Orchestra proactively hosts public rehearsals and public G.P. (short form of German word "Generalprobe" which means the complete practice before the live performance) as part of our various community exchange programs. One can experience the rare sight of orchestra and conductor creating music together closely. Such rehearsals are very popular as people find the live performances even more enjoyable and closer to their hearts after attending the rehearsals.